The Struggle Is Real

  1. Wake up you need to make money!
    This you can’t deny, there are times that you had more money back when you were in college than you have now.
    Im poor

    During our 20’s, it’s when we no longer have to ask for our parents financial support in buying this and that. It’s not that they will not give us money, but because they’ve been paying expenses our whole existence and this time we have to provide for our own, and payback time. Yeah?
  2. Whether to get a job that pays your bills or a job that you’ll be happy with.
    You’re a lucky human being if your job has it all.
    But if nah, you just gotta
    deal with it
  3. Torn between saving up and…
    traveling or buying the stuff that you really want. Am I the only one?? Obviously no. This happens ALL. THE. TIME. Right? There are days when we think about saving up and investing our money to some mutual funds or business venture to prepare for the future and then one day you’ll just catch yourself on a grand beach vacation or buying that expensive shoes.
    confused rn
    Me too.
  4. Work and Life Balance.
    If you’re finding it hard to manage the strong demand of your work and the rest of your cute life, you are definitely not alone.
    Youngsters = Has time and energy but no money
    Young adults (This is probably us) = Has energy and money but no time
    Oldies = Has money and time but no energyThe point is, we can’t have it all at the same time. Sad, I know.
  5. Checking your bank account…
    and wondering where all your money wentwer is money
    On food maybe?
  6. Pressure starts getting to you.
    When everyone around you is having a happy love life (#RelationshipGoals all over your social media feed), a success on their chosen career, and having a family of their pressure
    and you just sit on your couch watching your favorite TV Series while thinking about all these….pressure
  7. Wishing to be a kid again.
    Isn’t it ironic? When you were a kid, you wished to be an adult and now that you are one, you wish to go back… Back when things are much simpler. When all you do is watch your fave cartoon show and your mom will put you to sleep. Back when you have nothing to worry about and nothing to look forward to and any pain can be healed with just a band aid and a lollipop.
    Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 2.15.27 PM
  8. Take it easy or take it seriously?
    People are giving you advice and telling you what to do with your life. Admit it or not, they make sense sometimes and they have their points.
    Take their words seriously and the way to do is to take it easy on yourself.
  9. Letting fear and uncertainty stop you.
    Did it ever happen to you? When you already had that concrete plan on your head but you fear that it may not turn out the way you planned it to be. Then it will forever stay as a plan that did not make it. Hey! You’ll never know unless you try. I say, go and pursue what you really want (that something that really sparks your interest), it will not be easy but it will be worth it. In the end, you’ll just regret the things that you did not do when you had the chance.
  10. Finding yourself.

    find yourself
    #Relate. I know it sounds cliché but it’s true, it is really a struggle to find yourself. First, you gotta stop looking at that mirror and not liking what you see. Learn to embrace your flaws, because that’s what makes you, YOU. Take time to be alone, reflect and re-assess yourself. You may be alone, but you’re not lonely. In the process, you might find true peace within you.

Thaaaaaaaat ends my blog post, yay! What are the struggles that you’re facing now? Were you able to relate to at least one? If yes, don’t forget to share this to your friends and leave a comment below!
I’d like to know your thoughts. Thank you for reading my blog!

With love and kind admiration,

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  1. Do what ever you think is right,appreciate the things you have then follow your heart and everything will work out just fine.

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