Must Have Lipsticks Shades

5 shades of lippies

If you don’t have these lipsticks shades by now… I don’t know what lipstick you’ve been buying. Hahaha

This is for all the beauty junkies out there and to those who wants some tips on beauty.

You can never have too many lipstick, agree? And some of us can’t go a day without it. So here’s a list of lipstick shade must-haves and why you should have them on your make up kit.

First thing you need to know is your skin undertone, whether you are warm, cool or neutral. And this will surely help you pick the right and flattering shade for your complexion! I’ve also listed my suggestions for your reference, you can thank me later.

Here’s how you would know your undertone:
1. First of all, look at the veins on you wrist.
2. If you have green veins, that means you have a warm undertone (yellow). If blue veins, you have a cool undertone. And if you can’t tell whether your veins are green, blue or violet… Then you have a neutral undertone. Easy as 1-2-3!

Finally! Let’s get to the real deal.

1. RED – Fierce. Captivating. Classic. When you’re feeling extra va va voom and you want to walk in a room and get people’s attention with that luscious lips, bring out that red lipstick gurl! But make sure to apply it carefully because it can get messy.

Cool Undertone – MAC in Ruby Woo, NYX in Snow White
Warm Undertone – Colourpop in Avenue, MAC in Chili, LA Splash in Inflamed

2. PINK – This shade can be used with different styles that’s why it’s a must-have. It’s perfect for a date night or when you go on a coffee catch up session with your friends!

Cool Undertone – OFRA in St. Tropez, MAC in Candy Yum Yum, Maybelline Color show in Fuchsia Flare
Warm Undertone – Colourpop in Solow, MAC in Kinda Sexy, NYX Soft Matte in Milan

3. NUDE – A good nude shade lipstick is definitely a must! When you go to a party on a Friday night, partner your nude lipstick with a dramatic eye make up and you’ll never go wrong! It totally completes your look and it gives the attention to your eyes.

Cool Undertone – Nyx Soft Matte in Buenos Aires, OFRA in Sao Paolo
Warm Undertone – NYX Soft Matte in London, LA Splash in Innocent Vixen

4. PLUM / BERRY – This shade is a trend and it’s not going anywhere. It will instantly give a character on your look and it will also make a strong statement about you. Go for a shade that will be just right and not overly intimidating.

Cool Undertone – LA Splash in Vampire, OFRA in Malibu
Warm Undertone – MAC in Smoked Purple, ABH in Trust Issues

5. A SHADE THAT WILL BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE – Whether it’s a shade that unleashes your inner Beyoncé, Avril Lavigne, Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift. You go girl!

So, there it goes! Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did when writing this. Please leave a comment below if you have any suggestions and I also want to know your thoughts!

Much Love,

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