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Long-overdue blog post, I know I know and I’m sorrrryyyyy. ☹ Thank you to everyone who has been very patient and very persistent with my posts. Let’s get to Hong Kong and Macau travel blog!

I’ve been so busy with so many things, I spent a lot of time preparing for this trip and now I’m going to share it with you guys! I’M SO EXCITED. Disclaimer: This will not be a very detailed blog post about our itinerary, but if you have any questions… Feel free to ask in the comment box below and I will gladly answer them! ☺

Hong Kong and Macau have been undeniably great; it was a very hot day. They have wi-fi everywhere which is convenient for tourists but one thing I like most about Hong Kong was that all places are accessible through their trains. No long lines, no delays and no traffic. YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT, NO TRAFFIC. I’ll definitely be back in Hong Kong and I know how to do things right next time.

Here are some tips when going around Hong Kong / Macau:
  1. Get a map so you’ll be sure guided!
  2. Exchange rate is much higher in Hong Kong than here in the Philippines.
  3. Have fun negotiating prices at Ladies Market! They won’t let you go until you buy their products. 
  4. Buy an octopus card and load at least 200HKD if you’ll roam around
  5. Explore the cultural side of Hong Kong and Macau

During the trip, I was able to meet a lot of Filipino workers and it was really nice; it makes me feel a lot like home. Our fellow Filipinos helped us figured out the right way to our destinations. We had a little chit chat, asked them how they’re doing and they would gladly tell us stories, soooo sweet of them!

Over all, I had fun exploring Hong Kong and Macau and it wouldn’t be that fun without my friend, Christine who has been with me throughout the whole trip. Luv you~

Can’t think of anything else to say, go ahead and see the video I made below. ☺



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    1. Hi Stephanie. Over all, I spent about PHP15,000. Including the fare, hostel and pocket money. It would be a money saver if you would buy a discounted ticket fare and stay in a hostel like what we did! 🙂

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