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I wrote this blog just hours after the concert and I still can’t believe I saw them perform LIVE. I’m still hyped!!! Their voices are literally as good as the studio version, even better I guess. The crowds were screaming their lungs out, singing every word of the song and I just can’t handle ittttt!!! ALL OF IT WAS JUST SO SURREAL. Imagine watching your favorite artist / band on the internet then you wake up one day and see them sing their songs live. I keep on saying live but idc. Hahaha. I’m having a post concert depression case right now, I miss them already.  I’ll be playing their songs on loop for a month or two. HEHE 

whole crowd
whole crowd

I honestly haven’t heard of Twin Pines until last night and I must say that they are a great band! Their band is composed of three good looking young men. Haha. You might want to check them out.  Their songs are nice and catchy also!

Now, with Elle King, gossssshh!! Such distinct voice and she’s half Filipino which makes me love her even more. She talked about how she likes singing in a karaoke with her cousins during holidays (such a filipino thing, right?!!). She’s the daughter of Rob Schneider, btw.

IMG_1184Third Eye Blind / 3EB, I knew them and some of their songs because of my eldest brother who is a fan. I like their song “Deep Inside of You” but sadly it was not part of their set list. Stephan’s voice did not changed at all over those years and they really raised the audience’s energy level to the roof!


Hands down to Panic! at the Disco for giving a super entertaining set! I almost cried seeing them perform and kill it on stage. Brendon even did a back flip and the crowd went cray.  He gave me goosebumps when he sang Bohemian Rhapsody, my gawddd he’s hot! 


James Bae, i mean Bay. Hahaha! His voice is just, ughhh so good! Specially when he sang let it go (Nope, not the one in frozen! ). The lights were dancing to every beat of the song and it was visually beautiful!  He was wearing a jacket that has the colors of the Philippine flag when he showed up on stage. Guess what?!? He threw the jacket away to the audience before he went backstage. I bet that smells so good. 


They are all soooo damn good!!! No doubt ’bout that. These guys are way too talented, but the band that I really wanted to see was The 1975. They were the last act and  I was shaking while waiting for them to come out on stage and I kept holding back my tears and try not to cry like a baby but that did not happen quite successfully. I waited for this for so longgggg and I couldn’t calm myself. I honestly can’t wait for them to go back here. 

The 1975


In the Mix Crew

This is all that I got. Apologies if I don’t have any videos but heyyy I made some gif’s.   I was enjoying the concert that much! I did try to take a video but I ended up being so groovy and I can’t stand still because I was consistently feeling the urge to dance. Forgive me, hahaha.  I posted this blog a week after the concert (late, I know) because it took me so long to edit the photos and made a collage out of it.  (Ps. I just made the collage but some of the photos in it are not mine, I got them from the Internet. Credits to the owner)

That ends my blog post! Hope you enjoyed reading it. Were you there too? Or have you been to any concert? Feel free to share your concert experiences on the comment box below! I would be really happy to hear it from you. 
Until next time!

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