So, I finally gave in to the Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick craze and bought myself 14 shades. Yeap, 14 shades!!! Initially, I was just planning to buy 5 liquid lipstick ’cause you know #tipid but there are so many shades to choose from and I just can’t decide what to buy so yah. I really tried my best tho but ended up scrapping the #tipid hahahaha 

Basically, this blog post is a review about those liquid lipsticks and with a bonus lipstick swatches! Disclaimer: I’m not saying that my review about the product can stand for all because we have different views and opinions about a certain stuff, so what’s great for me might not be great for you. But anyway, I went for a shower with my lipstick on just to test if it’s really water-proof. That’s how much I love you guys! Hihi Without further ado, let’s get into it~

First, I will just talk about my overall review of the product before getting into the swatches.

  • Packaging –  Each liquid lipstick is separately packed in a white rectangular box, the box has a holographic design of the brand name, Colourpop. The bottom part of the box contains the name of the lipstick shade.img_2133
  • Variety of shades – They have a wide range of shade selection. From nude to a deep plum color. However, the liquid lipstick turns out to be a different color when applied on the lips than the color on the tube. I guess it has something to do with our undertone? That’s the only problem I have with it or maybe not, because it turns out to be just fine.shades
  • Price – These are just for $6 only!!!! ₱280 when converted to Philippine peso. Online re-sellers sell it for about ₱400-₱480. Over all, I think it really gives a great value to your money. Buying one expensive liquid lipstick can actually give you 4 Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipsticks and to think that they actually have the same formula or even better, maybe. Wise buy right?! And nope, this is not sponsored, bought those lipsticks with my own moolah. img_2131
  • Formula – It is really pigmented, you don’t have to glide on multiple times to achieve the desired intensity of the color, just one swipe and it’s good to go. It’s also non-sticky which I like the most! And of course, it’s long wearing and water-proof. It can actually stay on your lips for 9 hours or more, depending on your food intake hahahaha because oily food can easily remove the product.
  • Texture – sadly, it’s super drying! I usually exfoliate my lips and apply lip balm before wearing any liquid lipstick but with Colourpop, it seems like the routine I’m doing is not helping my lips to keep moisturized in any way. It makes my lips patchy and dry. I guess I just have to find the perfect way to moisturize my lips to avoid any of that.
  • Blend-ability – This can be either good or bad, depends on you. If you wish to have an ombré effect on your lips, try to be quick in blending because it dries too fast.  Also, it’s really hard if you will make any mistakes (specially for dark colors) because it will be a sure mess. 

Brace yourselves, selfies are coming. 

Midi - A natural beige shade. Looks great when you partner it with a dramatic eye look.
Midi – A natural pinkish shade. Looks great when you partner it with a dramatic eye look.
Trap – A nude shade with violet undertone


Bianca – Super love this nude-pink shade! This is my “My lips but better” shade


Solow – Perfect for your everyday look! Go-to pink lipstick shade


Donut - Barbie pink shade ;)
Donut – Barbie pink shade 😉
Ouiji - A pop of color on your lips
Ouiji – A pop of color on your lips
Succulent – A bright orange-red shade


Creeper - Bloody red
Creeper – Bloody red
Avenue – The perfect fall lipstick shade for me!


Rooch – Karrueche Tan’s #KaePop. A deepened russet wine color


LAX - A very dark burgundy with subtle warm undertones. A vampy blackened red. Make sure to use a lip liner beofre applying this and a concealer to clean the edges!
LAX – A very dark burgundy with subtle warm undertones. A vampy blackened red. Make sure to use a lip liner before applying this and a concealer to clean the edges!

Can’t find my lipstick swatches for Bumble, Chilly Chili and Tulle.  I got confused with my photos when I tried to organize it. Haha. I’ll just put some swatches that I got from the internet. (credits to the owners)

Overall, I would still choose to buy Colourpop than any other liquid lipsticks available in the market. I believe that it really gives value to my money. It’s really long-lasting and the colors are vibrant.

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed reading this, rest assured that I will update this blog if there are any addition to my Colourpop Liquid Lipstick collection.

Special thanks to my very ~*beautiful*~ friends, Jelic and Tintin! 

Share with me your thoughts! Please make sure to leave a comment down below. 

Until next time!
With Love,

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