What I Should’ve Known


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Well… What I didn’t fully realize then is that the choices and actions I made when I was 16 would still be impacting my life today.

Sooooo, here’s a list of things I wish I knew when I was younger…

  1. People in their 20’s are not yet adults – When I was 16, I thought that when you’re on your 20’s, you are supposed to get married and settle down, have a family of your own and move out from your parents’ house. Now let’s all laugh together! Hahahaha oh gosh what was I thinking that time. 
  2. Make a lot of connections – More contacts leads to more contracts.  Be friendly and ALWAYS be kind. We all have different experiences in life, you might gain some knowledge from someone’s story and likewise, try to be friends with anyone but be careful who you surround yourself with.2
  3. It’s okay to say NO sometimes – Labeling my younger self as the “Yes Lady”. I rarely say NO to gala. I had a lot of fun and that’s for sure. But what I realized is that I could’ve spent more time with myself, my family and my cats. Hehe.3
  4. Listen to your parents and be more appreciative – Hey! They do understand you and they’re not trying to be the villains. When parents are trying to be strict, maybe it’s because they’re just worried about you. It’s not because they don’t trust you but because they don’t want you to get harmed. Quoting my mom and dad, “Papunta ka palang, pabalik na kami.”
    #IisaLangYungDialogueNgMgaParents Most of us may focus more on our friends but it’s not yet too late to make it up for our parents. Find more time to bond with them. We might be busy growing up and we do not realize that they’re getting old too.
  5. Stay true to yourself – Peer pressure~ Speak your mind! You don’t have to agree with what everyone is saying, you can voice out your opinion. And you don’t have to like what’s cool for other people if it’s not for you. Just be the best version of yourself. 
  6. Saving money – I should’ve started earlier but can’t say no to food. I just realized that saving money is much easier than spending it on the things that I just want. 6
  7. Enjoy your youth – Take your time. Don’t grow up too fast. Stop trying to act older when you should be enjoying your time as a teenager. You should be equally chill and responsible. No rush.~7
  8. What others think of you is not important – Whatever you do and whatever you say, some people will always find something bad to say about you. So might as well do what makes you happy without stepping on other people’s toes. 
  9. It’s okay to make mistakes – IT’S PERFECTLY FINE, as long as you learn from it. Make sure not to do it again because the second time you commit in doing the same mistakes – it’s no longer a mistake but a choice.9
  10. People will come and go – Not all people whom you call friends will be there when you need them. Keep your circle small and the best ones close.
  11. You are much more than your appearance – Looks are not everything but I do admit that how you present yourself is also important.  Focus on developing your skills rather than concerning on how to make yourself look good above everyone else.
  12. Traveling is not that expensive – There are discounted ticket fares and cheap hostel. You should’ve known this wayyyy before Markie. 12
  13. Give more to people who are in need – If you think that you have less or too unfortunate, there are people around you who have less than what you have or worst, who have nothing. Let’s all be grateful! 
  14. Grades don’t define you as a person – BUT I’m not saying that you will not try your best to get good grades. I’m saying…. In the real world, they will not ask you to recite something from the book word for word. They will most likely evaluate your attitude and how you interpret what you’ve learned from school. 14
  15. You don’t have to get your whole life figured out just yet – You should stop stressing yourself about the far future!!!  If you don’t know what to pursue in life, it’s totally fine. You’ll find it along the way. Go on and meet new people, experience new things and learn from it.
  16. You’ll get through all this shit – Trust me pal, you’ll shine bright  and everything you’re going through right now will be worth it in the end.16

And there you have it!! Comment below if you have your realizations too, I want to hear it from you. 

With love and kind admiration,

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