Perfect #OOTD Spots in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Pics or it did not happen!!

Planning for your trip can be almost as busy as the trip itself. Preparing your itinerary, your budget, and of course, the outfits you’ll be wearing! You definitely want to have that million dollar photo to post on your social media accounts that will leave people talking about how you are slaying your outfit like “YASSSSS GIRL, KILL IT“.

Now if you’re heading to Hong Kong, you might want to consider going to these places and take the perfect ootd shots! Good news is that, no entrance fee is needed. You can thank me later.

So here are my top 5 places in Hong Kong where you can have an Instagrammable #ootd photo:

      1. Hong Kong International Airport – while waiting for your flight or when you just arrived in Hong Kong, take a quick shot to post and update your friends! Their airport is really clean and chic. Perfect for #ootd backdrops!
      2. SoHo (nearest MTR Station: Central) – Explore the cultural side of Hong Kong and you might just find the prettiest mural background! Btw, Vera Wang’s store is also located in the streets of SoHo. It would probably take a lot of walking but it pays off, I swear.
      3. MTR Stations – During your trip, Hong Kong MTR will be your best friend! Since you’re already there waiting for your train ride, make the most out of it and take an #ootd shot.
      4. Ladies Market (nearest MTR Station: Mong Kok) – Imagine a photo where there is a very busy background,  you’re in the middle wearing your gorg-a$$ outfit, the only one who’s standing still and getting all the attention. #Diva
      5. Everywhere – May it be old houses, museums, street signs, bus stops, clothing stalls, waiting areas, amusement parks, it’s literally everywhere. You just have to open your eyes and look for all the possible #ootd spots.


Struggle is real 😩

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HK Street Model🌹

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HK streets 👌🏻

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She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something 💫

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One of my favorite shots in HK. Hope to get back to this architecturally beautiful city!

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🔜 on the blog 💯 💖

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LOVE. LIFE. #streetart #ktown #kennedytown #hongkong #love #life

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Let me know the places you like in Hong Kong in the comment section below so we can have a mini chitchat.
With love and kind admiration,

PS. Credits to the owner of the featured images I used. 

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