Hong Kong – Macau

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Long-overdue blog post, I know I know and I’m sorrrryyyyy. ☹ Thank you to everyone who has been very patient and very persistent with my posts. Let’s get to Hong Kong and Macau travel blog! I’ve been so busy with so many things, I spent a lot of time preparing for this trip and now I’m […]

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Antipolo City

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How about plan a quick break from the busy city this coming weekend with your family or friends? Hit up north and you’ll never run out of places to go in Antipolo! We all know how city life can be so stressful and you just need to go on a sweet escape but let me […]

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Eyelashes on Fleek

cover photo lashes

  Eyelashes can make a big difference on your make up look. In my opinion, a make up look is not complete without it. Lashes gives life to your eyes, making you look awake and slaying every stare. You know when you are naturally born with short and thin eyelashes that it comes to a […]

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Must Have Lipsticks Shades

5 shades of lippies

If you don’t have these lipsticks shades by now… I don’t know what lipstick you’ve been buying. Hahaha This is for all the beauty junkies out there and to those who wants some tips on beauty. You can never have too many lipstick, agree? And some of us can’t go a day without it. So […]

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The Struggle Is Real


Wake up you need to make money! This you can’t deny, there are times that you had more money back when you were in college than you have now. During our 20’s, it’s when we no longer have to ask for our parents financial support in buying this and that. It’s not that they will […]

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